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about v-protect

In the current situation it is all about protecting the people with pre-existing health conditions as well our elderly. V-Protect supports those people. There will be no information about the specific pre-existing conditions of these people, it is about making other people aware so that they are informed in time to prevent infections of these people. This way we avoid overloading the public health system.

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Get all facts and figures up to date, protect yourself and people with pre-existing health conditions, get local news and receive useful information on how to fight the virus.

  • Facts and Figures

    Get all current numbers and statistics country wise on your Smartphone

  • News

    Current WHO news and location-based news will be published

  • Maps

    Locate Instantly people that need to be protected and provide them the safety zone they need

  • Protection Mode

    Switch the protection mode to "ON" when leaving your home, or when you walk into larger crowds so that others are informed when you need special care.

  • Health Check

    Daily reporting, helps to assess the current situation

  • Information

    Information's, prevention measures as well as instructions for manufacturing your own protection equipment are provided

News local and international

Get the latest news up to date, truthful and confirmed directly from your region and read about the latest reports and decisions from WHO

Local and global interactive live map

V-Protect is not a monitoring software, no routes are tracked or saved. You will only be sensitized to the safety distance you should provide to persons of the risk group and persons with acute symptoms. These persons will be shown on the map if the protection mode is set to "ON" when leaving your home

Protection Mode

Set the protection mode to "ON" to be notified when you move too close to a vulnerable person. You will also be notified when people with acute symptoms move near to you. It is not to despise these people, but to slow down the infection - it can affect anyone Once at home, the mode can be disabled, and you will be anonymous again


To slow the spread, your daily health status needs to be updated

Everything you need to know about the virus is represented in a summary and constantly updated according to the latest knowledge of the Robert-Koch Institute and the WHO. You can trust in this information's

Learn all about prevention measures that protect you and other people

Do it yourself - learn how to manufacture safety equipment with simple tools

Figures and graphics

Current figures and statistics are available for each affected country. The data is updated every 24 hours


Take a look into the developed tools of our app and convince yourself.

Watch video

Watch our explaining video, so that you can understand what it's all about

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75% of our advertising revenues will be donated and published here. Don't be angry about the advertising displayed on the app. With every spot you watch, you'll support someone in trouble! If you want to use the app without advertising, you can buy the full version via App-store. This amount will also be donated.


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